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NEWS Jun 2001!

  • Jun 1, 2001 - Sad day, we have lost one entry in our clone list :( Michael Schmitt mailed me and asked to be removed from the clone list, because his Milan is unrepairably defective. He will now switch to PC.
  • Jun 1, 2001 - Lonny Pursell have got his machine specs updated, take a look everybody ;-) Lonny have been working on a HadesFAQ lately. This is a ST-Guide document (HYP file) and is now available from Lonny's web page, follow the "downloads" link. This is GREAT! Makes you wonder why noone did this before. Excellent work, Lonny!
  • Jun 1, 2001 - I have started work on a driver for RTL8139B(L) based ethernet cards. These are 10/100BASE-T cards, and a lot of todays cards are based on this chip. Thank you, Frank Naumann, for the card! ;-)
  • Jun 1, 2001 - Old news now, but still very important to Hades owners, PCI BIOS v1.13c is available at Markus Fichtenbauer's web site. It fixes some nasty bugs. With this version, PCI BIOS using drivers work much better. If you don't have this version, GET IT!.
    Oi! Markus is not listed in the Hades060 directory! I know he owns one! I'll mail him right away!