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  • An Atari/TOS clone? What is that?

    Since this page now is the official site for the Ac (Atari Clone) Mailing list, and one important requirement to become a member of it is to own an Atari/TOS clone, we, sad as it may sound, actually have to define what an "Atari/TOS Clone" is. And here is the definition of such a machine; A TOS clone is a machine built to run TOS as soon as it gets power. A TOS clone is hardware made to run TOS, with the intention of being a TOS machine. The only difference between a real Atari and an Atari/TOS clone, is that Atari built the real ones, third parties built the clones. Their intentions were the same, hardware that runs TOS!
    Now follows a list of what we regard as legal Atari TOS Clones;

    Hades, Milan, Medusa, Eagle

    And here are stuff we do NOT regard as being valid Atari/TOS clones;

    • A PC is NOT an Atari Clone. Not even when it runs an Atari emulator.
    • A Mac is NOT an Atari Clone. Not even when it run an Atari emulator.
    • A Hades can run Linux, and still is an Atari Clone.
    • a PC or Mac can run Linux, and still is NOT an Atari Clone.
    Even if someone finds a way to make a PC (or Mac or whatever) boot TOS, that machine is not an Atari clone, simply because it was not made to boot TOS!

    Do we all agree on this now?

    The Ac Mailing list.

    The Ac (Atari clone) mailing list is a closed mailing list where owners of one of the abovementioned Atari Clones can share information, experiences and ideas regarding the use of these fine machines. There is only one very important criteria that must be met before a person is allowed onto the Ac Mailing list;
    • The person must actually own a Milan, Hades, Eagle or Medusa! That is, a real Atari/TOS Clone! This criteria is not negotiable!
    It is also preferrable that the person is listed in the The Atari/TOS Clone directory. That is, on this page ;-) Being listed here is no longer a requirement. To get listed on this page, read
    this, to subscribe the Ac Mailing list, go here.

    What is the purpose of this site?

    For those new (or old, but not updated ;-) ) to the world of Atari anno Y2k, there were developed three different Atari clones during nineties. The first Atari clone that was available was the Medusa T40, produced by a Swiss company called Medusa Computer Systems. The T40 is now discontinued. Then, a couple of years later, the Hades040/060 became availabe, also made by Medusa Computer Systems. The Hades was the first Atari clone that could use a 68060 CPU and had 4 PCI slots, 3 ISA slots and a VME slot (as found in the TT). Some years after the Hades was released, a new company called Milan Gmbh, located in Germany, released their Milan. This machine was, at the time of release, a lot cheaper than the Hades, but came in 68040 configurations only. The Milan also have 4 PCI slots and 4 ISA slots, but no VME. Follow the link to the individual manufacturers site for more info. For some time, Milan had a follow-up machine in development, the Milan II, but this development has been dropped, and is now a dead project. The reason for the demise of this project is that vital parts are not available anymore, and adapting the motherboard is considered too big a project and too expensive for the small market. However, now the Milan is available with 68060 CPU as well.

    This page is dedicated to users of the abovementioned Atari/TOS Clone machines. Here you can find information about other Hades/Milan/Medusa users. As most people still using Atari computers, or follow what happens around the Atari scene knows there have been developed some Atari clone computers. Owners of these clones are hard to come by, and this is an attempt to keep a 'directory' of users and what machine(s) these users have. This page was formerly maintained by Lonny Pursell, but he asked me if I wanted to host/maintain this page. I think he asked me because I actually had a Hades060, and he didn't at the time. But that situation changed, fortunately ;-) Congrats with your new Hades060, Lonny! ;-)

    Lonny tells me that input was rather rare when he hosted this page. So, if you're a user of one of these machines and not on this list, COME ON, mail me your info so I can add you.

    How to get listed here!

    If you own an Atari/TOS clone and is not listed here, then do the following. Mail me your complete name, where you live (city, state, country), URL to your 'main' web page and an ASCII file describing your system, or alternatively, an URL to your own setup page (do not confuse this URL with the 'main' URL) You may actually send both a small text and URL to your own setup page. The URL must, however, go directly to a description of your system! You may include as much or as little information (E-Mail address, web URL) as you like. If you have an e-mail address, it must be included, if you don't have one then please include your full mailing address. Please do not send images as my web site is limited in space. Thanks.

    If you are already listed and would like your details updated please let me know.


    This column will contain "News of the month", starting now (Jun 1, 2001). Older news will be kept separate.

    Older news.... June 2001

    Some handy tools for your Hades;

    • MMU Tools You need this if you want Memory protection in MiNT
    • GSXB+ES1371 Generic Sound XBios and a driver for ES1371 based cards, such as Sound Blaster AudioPCI64/128, Sound Blaster PCI 16, Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI.
    • SCC.XDD for MiNT. A SCC serial driver for MiNT.
    • AssemSoft-PLIP for MiNT. This is my rewrite of the PLIP driver for MiNTnet, as the original one wasn't very stable in my Hades <--> TT setup. AssemSoft-PLIP should work on any 020+ machines.
    • HadesFAQ A great source of information about the Hades written by Lonny Pursell. If you own a Hades, get this ST-Guide document now! Excellent work, Lonny! Lonny's web page is here.
    • PCI BIOS v1.13d is a must for all Hades owners. You NEED this one if you plan on using more than one PCI card in your Hades. Author is Markus Fichtenbauer and his web page is here.

    The Medusa T40 Directory
    E-Mail link URL link Info link Other
    You could be listed here... Have a Medusa T40? me if you do. :-) None

    The Hades040 Directory
    E-Mail link URL link Info link Other
    Lecaillez Yannick Gap, France 0001 None
    Emmanuel Curis Paris, France 0002 None
    Serge Lavayssiere France 0003 None

    The Hades060 Directory
    E-Mail link URL link Info link Other
    Edward S. Baiz Jr. Granger, Indiana (USA) 0001 None
    Timo Tiihonen Turku, Finland 0002 None
    Ben Hills UK 0003 None
    Erik Häll Karlskrona, Sweden 0004 None
    Ken Springer Colorado (USA) 0005 None
    Martin Byttebier Deerlijk, Belgium 0006 None
    Lonny Pursell Pandora, Ohio (USA) Setup/0007 None
    Leo Weppelman Utrecht, Netherlands No Info None
    Paul Williamson Lincolnshire U.K. 0009 None
    David B Barkin USA 0010 None
    Odd Skancke Sarpsborg, Norway 0011 ICQ: ozk @ #15120379
    Boucharel Frederic France 0012 None
    Anthony Green Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) 0013 None
    Bernd Kröger Ahrensburg, Germany 0014 None
    Sebald Loïc Caveirac, France 0015 None
    Vincent Castelot France 0016 None
    Erich Arning Germany 0017 None
    John Diot Paris , France 0019 None
    Markus Fichtenbauer Austria 0020 None
    Jochen Fietz Muelheim, Germany 0021 None
    Hans Hümmer Germany 0022 None
    Alexander Beuscher Braunschweig, Germany 0023 None

    The Milan040 Directory
    E-Mail link URL link Info link Other
    Ekkehard Flessa Germany 0002 None
    Kevin Jones UK 0003 None
    Thomas Binder Germany 0004 None
    Ari Laine Finland 0005 None
    Joan Carles Antunez Barcelona, Spain 0006 None
    Arto Selki Janakkala, Finland 0007 None
    Petr B Svoboda Praha, Czech Repluplic 0008 None
    Clement Benrabah France 0009 None
    Thomas Wellicome Bristol, U.K. 0010 None
    Odd Skancke Sarpsborg, Norway Info None
    Ingo Schmidt Germany 0011 ICQ: Curly @ #106425390

    The Milan060 Directory
    E-Mail link URL link Info link Other
    Frank Naumann Germany 0001 None
    Uros Vidovic Slovenia 0002 None
    Ingo Schmidt Germany 0003 ICQ: Curly @ #106425390

    Atari/TOS clone hardware developers:

    [Medusa Computer Systems] [Milan]

    Dealers that carry Atari/TOS clones/compatibles:

    [System Solutions] [Core Design]


    Note: The WebMaster does not necessarily endorse any of the companies listed.